Friday, April 17, 2009

Plastics, Benjamin, Plastics

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In the 1967 film The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman's Benjamin is advised to go into plastics. Even then, no one advised that plastics go into him. Good thing. Because today's New York Times brings news of a new study linking childhood obesity to phthalates, the chemical used to soften plastics.

The higher the level of phthalates found in a child's blood, the more obese they were.

As I've shared here, Diver is increasingly overweight. Despite a healthy diet. Despite exercise.
Despite his (and our) doing everything right.

No wonder he keeps gaining weight. Just like the autism, it's not his fault. He's just another casualty of the toxic soup in which we live.
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  1. My boys' obesity, unfortunately, is totally about a bad diet and lack of exercise. But maybe I can blame my own expanding rear on the plastic.