Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hunka' Chunky Burning Love

hood stylingsImage by Homies In Heaven via Flickr

You know your Aspie is doing well when his biggest challenge is being overweight. Not social communication or meltdowns or depression or sensory overload. Just overweight. I try to keep it in perspective. Long term, we need to figure out some Aspie-specific approach, but in the meantime I feed Diver healthy food, keep him as active as possible, and keep him away from the barber.

That's what this post is about. Diver likes his hair cut short, military style; and on his hunka' chunka' husky frame, it's just plain wrong. He has great, thick, wavy hair and kept a moderate length, he looks pretty darn good. Buzzed-off, Quantico style, he looks f-a-t. There's no crime in that. But my personal vanity gets wounded.

So last night when he asked when he could get a haircut, I told him to call his father.
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