Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Less than a week after Elmer left for camp, I found out how I'd spend my summer.
No carefree summer idyll for me. I stumbled, fell, and broke, including my right wrist which is now rich in titanium.
Man proposes, God disposes, Anonymom falls down.
So Elmer is having the idyll and Anonymom the ill-dll.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Lost and Found

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@FindingBorneo tweeted: "There is no better compliment than having a child fall asleep in your arms."

Elmer is still my child, but even if he fit, he wouldn't do it now. That 6 foot-200 lb'er with the crewcut and the acne who just walked by? Nope.
Homeboy is leaving in 12 hours for 7 weeks at his beloved CampKodiak
I thought I'd spend the day with him. And I did; Elmer downstairs watching Lost, me upstairs hanging out.
Who's lost? Elmer's packed his bags, said, "Good night. I'll miss you," and shut the door.
This is what we dream of and work for-: the independence of our children.
He still needs me for some things. Not like he did 6 years ago when he was first diagnosed, or in the pre-diagnosis years of wondering what was going on. Not even like two years ago when we finally took on the school system.
It was worth it. Clearly. Because he packed his bags and shut the door.

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