Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worrier Jr.

Diver is worried about swine flu.  Everybody is.  
But not everybody tapes gloves to their sweatshirt.  Searches the internet for "flu suits."  And asks when we're moving to Alaska.  
I've told him the most important thing we can do is wash our hands.  Wash our hands.  Wash our hands.  It's hard enough for neurotypical folks to handle this.  How are our kids with autism going to get through it?


  1. Oh no. I have no advice to offer, only hope that the media frenzy (and the swine flu) will die down.

  2. Diver did better today. I sent him to school with a little bottle of Purel in his pocket. His teacher reported that he made it through the day without his gloves.