Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not for sissies

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Parenting a teen with autism.

Just parenting a teen is hard enough. Throw autism into the mix and it becomes a decathlon.
Kid is up and down, wired then mopey, on the honor roll and unable to get out of bed.
Now I understand why so many kids are sent away to school.
Mom, of course, does nothing right. In theory, I am resigned to being stupid and embarrassing for the next 5 years. But since I am parenting solo, I sometimes get worn down and weepy from the constant criticism.
I have toughened up a tad bit, as they say in Minnesota. I told Elmer he is welcome to exchange me for another parent. To walk if he doesn't like my driving. To learn some recipes if he doesn't like mine.
Touche', as he says.

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