Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick Cue the Downloading!

Meet my iPod TouchImage by /Joe via Flickr

Back in June 2009, I blogged my wish for a social skills app:

My 13-year-old fact-quoting Asperger's egghead has found an app called Cool Facts.Which is just that: an unending collecting of cool facts.Its the last things he needs. He is already a storehouse of arcane trivia, a Jeopardy champ in the making.With the iPod Touch in his hand, he never shuts up.What he needs - what all kids with Asperger's need - is as an app to guide them through reciprocal conversation.Is there an app for that?There's certainly a market.Anonymom, AnonymomBlog, Jun 2009

It's here.

Quick Cues is available in the Apple Store. Let the downloading begin.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

We are being tested

Kiddos in Minnesota are undergoing MCA's -- Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments.
So are their parents.
This testing is comprehensive.
As you can see from the graph above, it has taken a toll on Elmer's mood.
Mine, too. As he yelled at me this morning, I asked "Does this help you feel better?"
"Yes," he exploded.
I am sucking up and dealing.
How do you cope with school testing?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Message in a bottle

Elmer's on a bike ride.
He may be functioning beautifully in junior high.
On the trap team and out in the world.
But the kid can't spell.
At all.
My sister-in-law tells me that two of her "neuro-typical" kids can't spell either, so maybe there is something other than autism going on here.
Still, Elmer get credit for trying not once, but twice to write a message
And for getting out there on his bik.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Autism Awareness Month

Hours of the day an auti-mom is aware of autism: 24
Number of things parents of a child with autism will try: Infinite
Lifetime cost of care for person with autism: $3.2 million
Caring for all people with autism over their lifetime: $35 billion per year
Knowing that autism is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors: Painful
Autism Awareness Month: Worthless

To be fair, I want to link to this Voices of Autism piece that appeared in today's New York Time. This has value.