Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Break, broke, better

Mickey's DinerImage by -Chad Johnson via Flickr

Despite planning and prep ("How do we help a guest be comfortable? Here are the plans for the week.") the start of spring break was rocky. Diver announced he could not go to the airport to pick up Cousin Bill because, in his words, "I only go to the airport to fly to Camp Kodiak." Even when I explained he did not have to go inside, he said a trip to the airport was all he could do for one day and if he went to the airport, he'd have to spend the day at home.

So much for my plans for airport pickup, lunch at Micky's Diner, and an afternoon at the Minnesota History Center.

I picked up Bill and when we returned to the house, a calm, cordial Diver was sitting on the couch with the dog and cat, both of whom he introduced to Bill. After clever Bill asked Diver his opinion on the new Defense Department Budget, they chatted amiably and Diver showed Bill his room. We went out to lunch, walked along the lake, and visited a historical depot. On the way home, we stopped at HobbyTown where Bill bought a model. They spent a companionable couple of hours building, chatting, enjoying each others company. After which, they biked to Dairy Queen. I followed with the dog and we hung out by the creek.

What a great day; far better than Mickey's and the history center. It's what I have been craving most; loving family that accepts us and even better, enjoys us.
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  1. Yes, it's truly a blessing to have compassionate family members. Enjoy the rest of your visit!