Monday, March 30, 2009

A new record!

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Diver is keen on getting into the Guiness Book of World Records. While he's not yet world class, today he achieved a personal best, wearing the same pants five days in a row. Straight. Not on in the morning and off at night. On, around the clock, five days in a row. He is, at long last, soaking in the tub. The pants are on the floor, where they will remain until someone in a haz-mat suit removes them.

On the bathroom wall hangs a fidget made of plastic suction cups, an attempt at the longest-a-suction-cup-ever-stuck-to-the-wall record. These are not Diver's first attempts to get into the Guiness book. There was the world's biggest rubber band ball, the world's longest rubber band chain, and longest a kid has ever gone without a bath record. Why do our AS kids yearn to be in the Guiness book?

Diver has tried so many things to get into the book that he claims he's #1 in the most failed attempts. I hate to tell him he's not there yet.
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  1. The clothing-wearing marathon goes on at our house each week. On the bright side, I guess it cuts down on laundry!

  2. I love that he looked at his failed attempts as a potential Guinness achievement. What a glass-half-full view of things!