Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Executive Function

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Executive function. Sounds like a cocktail event for senior management. We auti-moms know better; not because our kids have it. Because our kids don't. Executive function is planning, organizing, strategizing and following through with a plan. So we guide our kids with verbal cues and explicit instructions and prompt, prompt, prompt.

After being home with a cold for three days, Diver felt well enough to go outside today. He stank from his three days in bed, so I sad, "Bathe, and then you can go outside and play." I went off to Target and returned to find him outside, rosy-cheeked, digging in the snow. "I even took a bath, Mom!" he reported cheerfully. In the bathroom, I saw towels on the floor, but no clothes. "Diver", I asked, when he came in, "you said you bathed, but where's your dirty clothes?" "I'm wearing them. You didn't say to put on clean clothes."

True. I didn't. I assumed he would put on clean clothes, but his literal mind heard the "Bathe" instruction; nothing less, nothing more. Clean boy, dirty clothes. And now I have the cold.

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  1. Gaaah! At least with your cold, you won't be able to smell Diver's stinky clothes.

  2. Yep - I learned over the years that I have to specifically tell Nigel to put on different clothes after his shower or he'll just put on the same ones . . . hope you feel better soon!