Monday, March 9, 2009

Remembering the bad old days

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Diver's not-so-sweet Sunday spilled over into Monday. Couldn't get out of bed, wanted to stay home from school, had to be humored and managed to get out the door. After school, he went immediately to bed, skipping his social skills group, barking at every attempt to stay in his normal Monday routine. Moody, irritable, angry, depressed. It reminded me of the bad old days, of which there were many; years of them. Flareups, meltdowns, furniture throwing, tears on both our parts. He's come so far and the last nine months have been so different that I'd forgotten what it used to be like. I remember now.

Thank god, he got a good night's sleep. He woke up refreshed and happy, had a great day at school while I crossed my fingers and prayed, and came home in sync with the world. Maybe the time change threw him. Who knows? I'm just glad to have my boy back.

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  1. I totally understand what you are going through. My son does pretty much the same things. I always welcome the days he comes home in a better mood!

  2. Did the time change affect him?

  3. Great to hear those *special* days are fewer and farther between these days for your son (and for you). The time change caused a regression in our house, too. Better now.
    I'm new to your blog, but interested in what helped turn things around 9 mos. ago...?

  4. New school; an interdistrict ASD program. After six years of failure in the mainstream. The structure, routine, small size and individualized instruction have (as his case manager says) "normalized" him. He still has autism; it's just that in this setting that suits him, he is thriving.