Monday, May 11, 2009

Truth, consequences

Dickinson wrote and sent this poem ("A Ro...Image via Wikipedia

Not to get all metaphysical but what if
We told the truth
Not, as Emily Dickinson wrote, the truth slant
But the truth
Is there such a thing?
Or is it all perspective
And if truth is relative, are consequences real?
So was my Mother's Day
Really crumby
Or did it just feel that way?
After all, the sky didn't fall, the creek didn't flood, fire didn't break out.
So how bad could it have been?
My child (and I do have a child) can walk and talk and laugh and run.
He was not able to worship me, as I had joked.
Nor was he able to put me first, which is what I really wanted. A day that was about me, instead of my child; when my wishes were indulged and my needs were met. News flash: a kid can't meet my needs. Not a kid with autism or any other kid. It's not fair for me to expect him to. So of course I was disappointed.
On the bright side (why must I always find a bright side?), my son has learned the concept of "pity party," which I held briefly yesterday.
Onward, upward. Summer (and camp) is coming.

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  1. I think we always try to find the bright side so we can face tomorrow. But pity parties do help some :)