Saturday, May 30, 2009


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SuperSensitive. SuperStupid. SuperDumb.

I chauffeured a quiet Diver to his volunteer gig at the Air Guard Museum. (He is mute with loneliness these days.) Before leaving, I stopped to chat with a volunteer in the gift shop. She told me how much better Diver was doing.

"He used to make Major S. nervous," she grimaced, "the way he followed him around."

I cringed. Diver has worshiped Major S since his first visit to the Museum, three years ago.

And he's been making him nervous.

As I drove away, I started revisiting every conversation I've had with folks at the Museum; every glance, every exchange. Are we a nuisance? Should I care?

We spend so much time greasing the wheels for our ASD kids; forecasting, planning, managing. I even volunteer for the Museum now, trying to counterbalance the challenges of working with Diver.

Good thing I snagged them some major media, 'cause it seems that to some people, Diver has been a major nuisance.

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  1. I wish we lived closer -- I have a feeling that Taz and Diver could cure each other's loneliness.

    Melvin on the Edge

  2. I always wonder what someone's point is when they tell me things like that about my son. He has every right to be there, and so does Diver!