Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not the TV show

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My boy wants friends.
Of course he does. Everybody wants friends.
Even kids with autism.
There's a common misconception that people on the autism spectrum are loners. Not Diver. Diver is very social; out going, charming, a party animal.
He may not have the most advanced social skills, but he is still a social creature.
In past years, I got him a cat. I got him a dog.
But it's friends Diver craves.
Me, too.
Every day for the last week, Diver has talked about his desire for friends, and has asked both me and God why he has none.
"Just a friend or two. Is that too much to ask?" he implores.
"Then why don't I have any?"

Post script:
Last night, we drove past Diver's ex-friend, A., bouncing on his trampoline.  Diver and A had been close until Diver's undiagnosed autism made him a wild child.  His periodic attempts at rekindling the friendship were rebuffed, and Diver sadly let it go.  But when we got home last night, Diver hopped on his bike, saying, "I'm gonna go see if A wants to do some guy stuff."
An hour later, he came home, happy.  I don't know if this friendship will be rebuilt, but for one night, Diver felt that he had a friend.
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  1. That's a hard one. Nigel is very social also and actually begged me to let him join Scouts, which he did about five years ago. He's met some good kids through the troop, and even though they're nice to him, I can tell the emotional connection that friends typically share hasn't really developed.

  2. AnotherMidwesternMomOf2May 27, 2009 at 10:01 PM

    I hope he makes some connections with some real friends. I'm 31, not on the spectrum, and really have no close friends, so I know how he feels. I used to pray for them, but gave up - I figure if God wants me to have friends, he'll help me find some. Til then, I have some acquaintances. :)