Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now we are 13

Today is Diver's birthday. He's barefoot in his swing, sucking on pop rocks while rifling though his bag of goodies from Dave & Buster's. 
Which turned out to be a good choice for his birthday. It's the grown-up version of Chuck E. Cheese, where he spent many a juvenile birthday. Dave & Buster's provided three hours of major fun;  so much excitement that Anonymom and Diver's Dad were sufficient company.

When the server brought the lunch bill to the table, Diver pulled out his wallet saying, "I got this" and paid the tab with his birthday money.

Now that's 13.

So is this:  Diver's 13th birthday photo opp with hose. 


  1. I LOVE his "I got this." Way cool. Happy Birthday, Diver!

  2. What a mensch! Love it. Happy Birthday, Diver.

    Love the photo, by the way. It is quintessential 13.

  3. 8)
    Thanks for the visual, Diver. Happy Belated Birthday! You got this!