Sunday, February 8, 2009

See no toxin, hear no toxin, speak no toxin

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As usual, Peggy Orenstein gets it wrong. From her lofty platform in the New York Times Magazine, she writes that toxins are everywhere so parents shouldn't worry so much. They're in your child's lunchbox and baby bottle, milk and water, tuna and pajamas. Everywhere. So why panic, especially you overeducated types. You're still standing. Peggy is still standing, and she grew up with creosote-tainted water. Sure, she had breast cancer, but what can you do? Worry about the things you can see: fire, car crashes, things that are already regulated and don't have carte blanche to poison you or your kids.

Peggy can't accept the simple fact that what you can't see can hurt you and wreck your children, who are especially susceptible to environmental toxins. Pound for pound, they eat more, drink more and breath more than we do. Which means they eat, breathe and drink more bisphenol A, mercury, organochlorines, creosote, arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals, particulates. Beginning in the womb, they are bathed, basted and birthed in a toxic stew.

What are we to do, Peggy? See no toxin, hear no toxin, speak no toxin?
Worry all the more. Speak out and stop it, because it is all preventable.
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