Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Animal

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Diver slept, he's back in sync, and he agreed he's up for a Saturday Night Sock Hop at the synagogue. Now Anonymom, the worrier, is moving into social-worry mode. Diver is a party animal, diving into the deep end of all party activities. Plays every game, dances every dance, eats every hot dog, paying no attention to the social mores of the group. What the cool kids are doing? He doesn't care. What others think? Doesn't matter. He's in the Zone, having a great time. I'm the only who cares what the other kids think. So should I let him party on or continue trying to clue him in to what the other kids think?
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  1. FWIW, once posted a similar question on and all the aspies posted back with the same answer; Let him be. Don't bug him. Who cares what the neurotypical kids think.

  2. Our kids spend most of their lives trying to walk in our world. It's hard work. So let him play in his own.