Thursday, February 19, 2009

No more 3 day weekends

Down with Presidents Day weekend!  Down with Labor Day Weekend!  Down with all three-day weekends!  They wreck havoc in our kids' lives.  Diver had such a nice rhythm going, a tidy Monday-Friday routine, with a 2-day weekend break.  It kept him organized, competent, cognizant, cheerful.  A time for everything and everything in its time.  Then bam: No school Monday.  Diver got so out-of-sync that we are still recuperating; and, I do mean we, because if Diver doesn't sleep, I don't sleep.    He coped.  He went to school and made it through his day, but nobody here is in peak form.  Here's hoping that tonight he is so exhausted that we both fall asleep.   

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