Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A ticket to heaven

Kodiak, AlaskaImage via WikipediaAfter weeks of trolling for a free plane ticket using frequent flyer miles, I bagged Diver's ticket to camp.

This will be the third summer Diver spends at Camp Kodiak, his blessed summer home-away-from-home. Blessed for Diver and blessed for me.

Diver's summers at Kodiak have been the most powerful therapy he has ever had. He came home from his first four-week summer in the best shape of his life; so neurotypical that we finally saw what was possible for him. Returning to his ill-fitting school, he soon fell apart (another story for another day.). But he had thrived. And even during the nightmare that was the 07-08 schoolyear, the knowledge that he would be returning to his beloved Kodiak (or "home", as he calls it), kept hope alive.

Last summer, he spent 7 weeks at Camp. To see your previously unhappy, volatile, lonely depressed child with Asperger's blossom; to see him stable, happy, cheerful, normal. That is a blessing. Just to see your solitary child living in a cabin with 8 other children; part of a community; it's like heaven.

And today I bagged a free ticket.

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