Monday, January 19, 2009

On the other hand....

Posting in the shadow of MLK's "I have a dream" speech now showing on CNN....

Interesting morning for Diver.  Weary after his 10 hour bus ride and sleep-deprived weekend, he stumbled out bed at 9:15 to recover in his swing.  He'd forgotten a morning orthodontist appointment, and when I reminded him we were due there in an hour, he was overwhelmed.

"What!?  Why!?  Why didn't you tell me!?  Why did you schedule it today!?   What were you thinking!!?  I'm tired, I'm sore, I'm annoyed, I need to recover."

I know.  I wish the appointment hadn't been this morning, but I had already rescheduled it twice, and for Diver,  the window for appointments is small.  He can only handle them on late-start days or school holidays, and then, only one per day.  Between the dentist, the doctor, the therapist, the orthodontist, and the prescribing MD, the window is small.

This weekend's journey was added at the last minute, and having rescheduled the ortho appointment so often, I wasn't even sure I had the date right.  

Diver was right.  The timing was bad.  But there it was.  As hard as I try to schedule smart to accommodate Diver's needs, it doesn't always work.  That's real life.

He got to the appointment, a little late, a lot dirty, since there was no time to shower, brush teeth, or wash away his juice mustache.  They'll see him again in six months.  If I'm smart, I'll schedule it for the week between camp and school.   

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