Sunday, January 18, 2009

He's back

He's home.  As sane as can be.

Diver was 10 hours away at a YMCA Young Leaders Rally and I was nervous as a cat; pacing, worrying, clock-watching, tossing, turning, bellyaching.  And there he was having a fine time.
Not a great time.  But fine.  When I picked him up tonight, he matter-of-factly said the weekend was fine.  Kind of fun.  But they weren't well-organized.
Which to someone with Asperger's is a crime.

Still he did fine.  He coped.  He said there were lots of kids to hang out with, and yes, he did take part in the talent show.

He burped the alphabet, from A to Z.  And he got a standing ovation.

That's my boy.

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