Friday, January 16, 2009


Got an e-mail last night with these figures in the text: 16F

Naturally I thought it was about an F16 fighter jet. What else could it be?

This is another feature/benefit/quirk/fact-of-life about living with Diver. Everything is military. Everything. We don't need to get the Military Channel. We are the Military Channel. Like most kids on the autism spectrum, Diver perseverates. In his case, on the military. His reading, his conversation, his hobbies, his wardrobe: all military.

It's not all bad. It has enabled him to learn history, geography, science, philosophy, even Torah; for while he prefers modern warfare, with its advanced armaments, he was (as a younger boy) quite engaged with the battle tactics of the Maccabees. These days he follows with great interest the hardware and tactics of the Israeli Defense Forces.

He's not really partisan. Earlier this week, he was reading about dushkas (look it up) and explaining why he wished he were Russian, due to the coolness of their military.

And speaking of coolness, -16F is how cool it was in Chicago last night. That was the subject of the e-mail I received. But as Diver will tell you, it doesn't hold a candle to the F16.

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