Saturday, November 28, 2009

A long way in every way.

"This was the best day ever and I'm not kidding. The best day of my life so far.
I got to shoot a gun. It was awesome."

Ever since Elmer learned that Texas law allows 13-year-olds to shoot guns, he's been dreaming about this day. So when Aunt and Uncle A invited us to Thanksgiving in Texas, his heart rate soared.

Our last visit here was no picnic; we were exiled to a motel. But Elmer has come a long way -- as have Aunt and Uncle A -- and we journeyed here with hope in our hearts.

When Uncle A got the green light from a nearby ranch -- belonging to a champion skeet shooter -- off went the boys, not to return for hours. They shot and shot and shot; all kinds of guns at all kinds of targets, including skeet. He had instructions in gun safety, a tour of the walk-in gun locker.

He came home, exhausted, exhilarated, with so much to process, he was unable to turn on a dime and go out to dinner. Which Aunt and Uncle A thought was lazy on his part and bad parenting on mine.

I began to worry we'd be exiled to a motel again. Which I suppose could still happen.

But, ladies and gentlemen, he had the best day of his life so far, and I'm not kidding.

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  1. I bet Elmer will remember this Thanksgiving for the rest of his life!