Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Elmer's 6' tall. He runs the snowblower. And he got a phone call.
He's on the call right now with "Nickolai from Camp Kodiak", apparently a pal from last summer. I'm eavesdropping from the top of the stairs as they talk about paintball, snow, rain, school, normal stuff. It's one of those milestones Tania at TeenAutism writes about. Not a big deal for most kids, but meaningful for him.
And me. My cheeks ache from grinning.
He's hung up now and returned to Xbox live, normal teenage stuff.
I imagine Nickolai talking to his Mom about the call; her pride in his milestone.
Thank you, Alexander Graham Bell*, Camp Kodiak, Nickolai, and his mama.

*his mama, too.
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  1. That is great! Grinning over here too! And six feet tall at 13? Holy mackerel!

  2. I'm still stuck at "He runs the snowblower." I can't even get Rocky to flush.

    Thanks for sharing the enjoyment of this milestone!