Sunday, July 3, 2011


Skills logoImage via WikipediaAnonymom is growing up.
Because as Diver/Elmer/Dude
has grown, mastering new skills,
I've had to back off. Pull away. Chill.
The hours/months/years that went into getting him what he needed-
Aren't needed anymore.
It's a blessing. A miracle. And for this mama of a child on the autism spectrum, a challenge.
Raising a child with special needs is all-encompassing. Now, by the grace of god, I'm unencompassed. He's just 15; not fully grown, but no needier than any other teenager.
Today he flew off to Canada, unaccompanied.
Which means I'm unaccompanied, too, and unencompassed.
Say what you like about raising our kids - and it is all-encompassing - it does fill up the days.
So this is new.
Now I pray for the skills to grow, just as he has.
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  1. Just saw this and your previous post
    you must be so proud
    Hope his Canadian trip is going well

  2. My AS son is 11 and your post gave me a boost of hope that was very much needed.

    Thank you!