Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last day of 8th grade

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"It's been a fun year," says Elmer.

So what's wrong with me? My 14-y-o teen with autism just had a great year in his mainstream middle school, after a year in a Level III ASD classroom, after dropping out of 6th grade and going through due process.

So it's a miracle that he has had this year. Yet I sit here and think, "His acne is awful. He is so overweight."

It's not enough that he is successful in school? That he fits in? That he has a friend?

What is my problem? Is it never enough?

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  1. Being wishful for better things isn't a problem. My 6yo just finished K with help from the autism team in his class. His social skills have improved, and he finally showed some empathy this year. But I'm fretting b/c his reading comprehension didn't progress much and he's not a math whiz. All good things in all good time, I hope.

  2. I go through this too. Always searching for - and needing - more progress. And feeling guilty about it.

  3. Mommy guilt stinks! I have convo's in the mirror with myself sometimes about it...We all do it

  4. Constant dripping wears away the stone. 滴水穿石!加油!..................................................