Friday, June 18, 2010

Da boy in da basement

Player One, Jump In!Image by AltoExyl via Flickr

Playing da video game.
I don't like it.
I'd rather he be gainfully employed.
Fishing. Biking. Camping.
But he's in the basement playing Xbox.
Sleeping til noon and playing Xbox.
Like any teenage boy on break.
But this teenage boy has autism. On school breaks he used to fall apart. Completely.
Now he acts like any teenage boy on break.
On July 4th, he's off to his beloved Camp Kodiak for seven weeks; seven learning-rich, social skills-building, tightly-structured weeks.
That will be followed by a camping (there it is: the camping!) trip with the Treehouse gang.
And immediately back to school.
So I'm gonna try to lay off and enjoy the "teenage boy on break" experience.
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  1. Aidan is a gamer too, when he's here. But when he's with his dad, they go to the beach all the time and he does a lot of body surfing, which is great. I guess dad's house is summer camp for him! Glad that Elmer's enjoying his break.

  2. Oh man, do I understand that. Scout is totally into anything electronic...TV, computer, Wii....if it were his choice he'd be on that stuff all day. Which as you know isn't good for any kid, especially not our Aspie's who tend to get a little....fixated...! But you are right, sometimes they just need to be. He sounds great.