Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Einstein's Momma

Icarus, engraving by Hendrick GoltziusImage via Wikipedia

So Elmer, as I've recently posted, is doing verrry well.
Troubled-ly well.
Which is not a word. But gets at what I'm feeling.
First, the Jr High Principal introduced herself and told me what a pleasure it was to have Elmer in her school; "I've listened to him in class and he is profound."
If I hadn't been so stunned, I would have wept.
Last night, I drove Elmer to session 1 of his Firearms Safety Class, where he soared over the class like a witty Albert Einstein, displaying an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms, including their history and workings. He made smart, allegorical jokes, to boot.
I'd never seen this.
I've done this; it's who I am and how I operate. But Elmer and I have been in Holland, remember? Not among the eggheads at Harvard or the University of Chicago.
So praise the lord, right?
Here's where the troubled-ness comes in: he's not at Harvard or the University of Chicago. He's among kids who are struggling to remember the "Al McTarget" acronym of gun safety rules. So I'm afraid he's gonna be shot down like Icarus (who flew too close to the sun.)
I don't want to spoil his fun and he has a right to enjoy knowledge.
But I, who grew up without peers, out-of-place in a bad public school, know about the hits you can take when you fly too high.
Well, he's a big boy. I think he can take it. The question is, can I?
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  1. Hey,

    It's great that Elmer is being recognized for his special gifts. I think you'll both do fine.

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  2. It sounds like he's in his element, and I hope he continues to soar.

  3. 成功等於目前,其他都是這句話的註解。........................................

  4. The Einstein doesn't fall very far from the tree. :) Let's hope it helps him makes friends--it could happen! What a wonderful, inspiring post. Thank you, thank you. So glad for you and Elmer.