Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holland, Italy, and Home

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You know that Holland country you ended up visiting when you through you were headed to Italy? It's the allegorical journey parents of special needs kids take. I've been in Holland a long time and gotten used to it. The milestones in Holland are different. And any that approach neurotypical, I see as blessings.

Today was Elmer's 8th grade parent-teacher conference; the first time I met any teacher other than the autism specialist. And what a teacher; "Ms. McN's almost as quirky as you," Elmer announced.

We walked into the school like any other 8th grade family; Elmer affecting teenage cool, me a necessary embarrassment. Ms. McN was glad to meet us; "Very curious to meet Elmer's parents, " she announced, "Your son is brilliant. But I don't have to tell you that. He adds so much to the class. But you know that. His comments are brilliant. And his's just a pleasure to have him in class. What a great addition to the classroom."

Oh, Ms. McN, you *do* have to tell us. We may know it in our hearts; but we've been struggling upstream (in Holland) for so long, we set all that aside. In Holland, we've been working hard on keeping our heads above water, so swimming was out of the question, let alone swan dives or any kind of soaring.

In my childhood home, brilliance was the norm. But the last nine years of Elmer's childhood were in Holland. So everything you said today was a gift. And I got a taste of the lights of home.
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  1. "What a great addition to the classroom" - tears of joy for you, my friend.