Friday, September 11, 2009

Growing Pains

It's not all good news.
Diver has grown so much that he has outgrown his school. Thrilling, right?
Yes and no.
Going back to school with such high hopes only to find it no longer works.
We thought this day might come, but not so soon.
He is coping valiantly with classmates in constant meltdown, whose social skills he describes as "bad as Hitler's."
But the stress is taking a toll. He trudges in, dispirited and silent. He becomes a dead weight in front of the big screen, unable to move. He struggles off in the morning for another day of chaos.
We've caucused with his teacher, who concurs that its time to move on, and we have a team meeting next Wednesday.
Mainstream is not the answer. Don't know the answer or how the home district will respond. In the meantime, misery.


  1. Thinking of you, hoping an acceptable alternative is presented soon. (Love the Hitler comment, though.)

  2. These in-between times are so hard! I hope you and the team can come up with a new plan soon. Having read how much Diver has progressed over the last few months, I'm betting that once a better placement is found for him, he'll really flourish.


  3. I'm so sorry! It's is a shame that his new strengths and skills are making his environment so difficult. You'll find the right answer. Keep the faith!

  4. It is tough, isn't it??
    TC is higher functioning than most in his Life Skills class, but he still has a lot of learning disabilities. He goes to math and reading outside of the classroom. He is not reading yet. He is almost 8.