Thursday, August 27, 2009

"You know what I want?"

"To go to school."

From the mouths of babes, and smart aspies.

Diver knows exactly what he needs: routine. Routine of camp is over. Routine of camping trip is over. Routine of school doesn't start for almost two weeks. Oh, pain and misery.

Doesn't want to go to Fair. Doesn't want to see movie, play splatball, or go to Air Guard Museum. Just wants to go to school.



  1. Here's hoping the next two weeks go by quickly - for all of us!

  2. I hear you--I'd thought that the two weeks would be time to regroup, settle down, and ease into a new routine, but it's more like standing still. My 6yo starts kindergarten on Thur. I feel terrible for him--everyone asks brightly if he's excited--he says yes, but I know he doesn't get it.