Thursday, July 2, 2009

Very Single Auti-Mom

For all the demands parenting Diver places on me, it does give my life meaning. And structure.

In his absence, my singleness feels profound.

Yes, Diver is intense and complicated and loud. But he fills time and space.
Now that he's at camp, it's empty.
So I took advantage of a four-day free-trial of a dating service, quickly posting my info, and just as quickly receiving some queries.

Until I added: I'm a plus one. With me, you get my 13-year-old with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is funny, smart, complex and requires patience and understanding way beyond the ordinary. Caring for him has left me way-out-of-practice in socializing with adults. He's worth it. So am I.

It got very quiet.
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  1. Truly, anyone who doesn't want you AND your blessings is someone you don't need anyway. Perhaps that dating service is not the one for you.

  2. At least you didn't find a great guy, date him for three months, then have him dump you with the words, "I just decided I can't handle the idea of your kids."

    Yeah, been there, done that.

    Now my dream is to meet a single man who just happens to be a developmental pediatrician.

  3. Heh. Turd 2 and I had this conversation today -- he said that there is no room in my life for anyone else with Movie Boy in my life. I said, "what's your point?"

    FYI -- my own blog is down for the time being, Turd 2 found out where it was. Ugh. I will get new blog info out as soon as I can.

    In the meantime, I'm at katmakai at yahoo if anyone wants to chat :)

  4. Well, I suspect that adding the information about Diver will weed out anyone who is not worth your time. And I love what you wrote about *both* of you being worth it.