Monday, July 27, 2009

An app for that

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Remember my fond wish for an iPod app that would guide Diver in social situations?:

My 13-year-old fact-quoting Asperger's egghead has found an app called Cool Facts.Which is just that: an unending collecting of cool facts.Its the last things he needs. He is already a storehouse of arcane trivia, a Jeopardy champ in the making.With the iPod Touch in his hand, he never shuts up.What he needs - what all kids with Asperger's need - is as an app to guide them through reciprocal conversation.Is there an app for that?There's certainly a market.Anonymom, AnonymomBlog, Jun 2009

And now there is an app.

It's as if the fairy godmother had heard my plea. Right here in my hometown, smart minds at Fraser have developed an ap for Aspies.

Now I'll have to click my heels together three times and get my hands on it. Fairy godmother, are you listening?
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  1. I don't even know what an app is, but I want I want I want!

  2. Perfect! Except for the $3500 pricetag. Definitely a job for a fairy godmother!

  3. I'm with Mama Edge, but I'm glad there's an app for Aspies!

  4. My 9 year old cousin has also found a use for the iPod Touch. He is nonverbal, but through the app, Proloquo2Go, he is able to communicate with others. And at $130 plus a $250 iPod is much nicer than a $10,000 text-to-speech machine, and it works just as well.