Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It takes a village

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Sometimes an army.

He's not at Def Con 1, but Diver's anxiety is high. Watching him grapple with the beast is inspiring, tiring, and funny.

Last night it was the Blizzard from Dairy Queen; followed by a long Xbox sortie; processing; yes and no questions; and, a flat out rejection of all suggested anxiety-busters. This morning, when asked what would help with the anxiety, Diver muttered, "A blizzard. An actual blizzard so there'd be no camp."

And yet with the help of two parents, a different water bottle-that-did-not-sweat, an early departure for the bus stop, a parental backtrack for juice and muffin, a ban on jokes, and a code of silence, he got on the bus (first, of course), sat down in his seat (front, of course), and went to Day 2 of his Leader-in-Training program.

All hail the king of coping!

He has more to cope with than I thought.  Here's the email I just sent to the camp director:
Diver and I have been sitting here processing the first couple of days and doing some problem solving about things that are rough for him.  
He reported that on Monday he got hit in the face  and while he was upset, he thought it was accidental.
Today he told me the he was kicked by the same camper, someone named George.  Diver believes it was intentional. He says that that third boy in the L.I.T program has been harassing him about his stuttering.  That has to stop.  He reports that the hardest part of the day is at the end when everyone awaits the buses in the amphitheater.  He says that the combination of the noise and the crowd and the heat at that time of day overload him and make it unbearable.  He asked if he might wait in the office instead.  I hope so.  That seems a reasonable accommodation. 

Diver says that is all he can think of.  I will keep you posted if anything else arises.  

The Y has been a great resource for Diver and we are grateful.

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  1. Oh Diver. He is SO BRAVE. I'm praying those kids are dealt with right away. It makes me angry just thinking about it. I hope this camp turns out to be far better than he could have imagined.

  2. Diver is coping amazingly well! I hope they start paying attention to how the other campers are treating him and at least let him wait in the office at the end of the day.

  3. George is getting the virtual stink-eye from me right now. And Diver is getting the virtual "I'm not worthy" bow from me, for identifying the things that are hard for him and coming up with excellent accommodation ideas.

  4. "Mom," said a smiling Diver as he got off the bus, "I had a much better day."