Monday, June 8, 2009

Approach with caution

InterregnumImage via Wikipedia

The interregnum approaches. The gap, the break, the uncomfortable period between one activity and the next.

(Originally: the period between two kings.)

"Be nice to me. It's the last day of school," a nervous Diver announced this morning.

The last day of 7th grade. The first year in a new school. The first good year since 3rd grade. He is a changed boy, grown from an unstable, wildebeast to a mature, even-tempered, sometimes delightful teenager.

His beloved Camp Kodiak does not begin for 2 and a half weeks. Like all kids on the autism spectrum, Diver likes routine and this is a break.

So I am nervous. Not terrified. We are punting for the rest of this week, and then Diver spends two weeks as an L.I.T (a leader in training) at YMCA day camp. Fingers crossed.

So be nice to me. Its the last day of school.
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  1. Camp Kodiak sounds like fun! Hope all goes well in the interim.

  2. Glad to know this was a good year for Diver. Here's to hoping for a good, 'nice' break.

  3. I love the term "interregnum" for this non-school period! I wish I'd thought of it!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm still learning about this world and I'm thrilled to read about other's experiences. We're at a rocky point right now with my son's AS--it's great to know things get better.

    -- Elizabeth, aka The Map-Maker's Mother

  4. I love your use of the term "interregnum." So apt!

    And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I'm still learning about this world--still learning about AS, for that matter. It is very reassuring to know that things *can* get better.

    All best, Elizabeth, aka The Map-Maker's Mother