Sunday, July 1, 2012

Superfluous. Surpassed.

His flight was scheduled to leave 15 minutes ago.
Don't know.  Didn't check.
Dropped him at the airport 3 hours ago so he could fly off to his 6th summer at Camp Kodiak.
Kodiak has made him the young man he is today; calm, confident, compassionate.
An annual ritual allows us to measure progress, and today we recalled the first journey to Kodiak.  He hyperventilated all the way to the airport, had a meltdown in the ticketing line, and another at the gate.
I flew with him.  Once he was met Kodiak staff in Toronto, I was superfluous.
Its gotten better every year.
He just phoned (responsible) to calmly (mature) let me know there was a maintenance issue with his aircraft, so they're switching planes.
I'd be sweating and having the runs.
He's surpassed me.  I'm gateful



  2. We live for things like this. Beaming with you!