Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Regent of the Interregnum

PureImage by Eva Ganesha via FlickrWith history as my guide, I was worried about winter break aka the interregnum; that loosey-goosey period between regularly scheduled activities. Yet one week in, we're doing just fine. We've weathered two feet of snow, three days snowbound, the cancellation of an uncle's visit, the absence of volunteer opportunities, friends or family, and still, we're all right.

Anyone with a child on the autism spectrum knows the importance of routine. Our kiddos don't like a hair out of place. So in the past, school breaks felt like being on an ocean liner in a storm-tossed seas. Ay-eee! The Dude's frustration and discomfort cast a pall not unlike Darth Vader's.

Now, at 14, he is managing just fine. Doing more of the cooking. Taking care of the animals. Working the phone solo in search of volunteer opportunities. And maintaining TV-free dinner conversation. (Cue the angel choir!)

Today he's putting in his teens-are-only-allowed-1-shift-a-week volunteering at the food shelf while I soak up Mozart and sunshine at a coffee shop.

Days like today give me hope. I'mm'a hold onto this for the next time I approach despair.
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  1. Angel choir indeed! Glad the break's going well. Happy New Year to you! xo

  2. I like the blog... interesting