Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Concrete Cooking

Parmesan Scrambled Eggs - Arcadia AUD13.50 - p...Image by avlxyz via FlickrNow that's something Elmer would enjoy cooking: concrete.

That's how my Aspie likes things. Concrete. Without nuance or fudge room.
So as I've been pressing him to cook his own meals, I've had to stiffen my own recipes.
When Elmer asked, "Milk or water?" while preparing scrambled eggs this morning, "Either" was the wrong answer. Ditto "If you like" to his question about adding butter to the pan.

So "How high should the flame be?" needs a marker written in stone. Ditto for "How much water in the pot?" I can do this. I can give concrete directions. I will be a walking, talking cookbook.

Mind you, following recipes never helped me. I still can't cook, despite James Beard-worthy directions. I can dish it out. I just can't take it.

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